Do Escorts Rob Their Clients?


Rude as it would sound, this is a very important question that many clients ask. Some of the reasons this happen is because some of them have fallen victim of such escorts. One thing that every client should put in mind is that there are many con escorts in the market today. escorts who don’t want to work hard to earn a living but they are out there to exploit their clients. If you are not careful, it is very easy to fall victim to their traps. However, if you are the keen and observant client, you’ll easily recognize them.

The difference between real and con escorts

It might not be very easy to differentiate between a genuine and a fake Bangkok escort but if you are cautious, it is possible. This is because, there are many characteristics you will find in con escorts which are not easily available in real ones. These include:

  • Greedy

Con Bangkok escorts are very greedy and can do anything just to attract the attention of their clients. Whether you choose to deal with an agency or independent escorts, these girls have the same character. If you negotiate with an escort agency and realize what they are offering is not reliable information, try to trick them. Once they tell you about their charges, put them off by cutting the price by half.

Initially, they might turn your offer down. Once you insist that is all you have, they will easily get into the deal and book a date with you. However, when it comes to genuine Bangkok escorts and escort agencies, they have a set minimum amount they can charge per session. Actually, most of their charges are fixed.

  • Lack of discipline

One of the lessons that all escorts are taught in a genuine escort agency is personal etiquette. No matter how difficult a client seems to be, a genuine Bangkok escort will never argue with them especially in public. They try the best they can to cool them down and if it doesn’t work, they slowly walk out and leave them behind. This can also not be acceptable unless they have a very genuine reason of leaving their client.

However, with a fake escort, they easily get worked up and can be very rude and every become physically violent. You can therefore identify them by triggering their anger in public to be safe.


It is never easy to hire a Bangkok escorts for the first time. Therefore, genuine agencies and independent escorts understand your fears and are very patient with you. They will ensure that you work with them when you’re comfortable to do so.

Date: November 17, 2021