How to Make the Best Impression before a Dubai Escort?


Dubai escorts are truly amazing. Are you gearing up to have a date with the city babes? Well, that’s really cool as Dubai escort girls are always a delight to be with. However, you too have to put your best foot forward to ensure a ravishing evening with such a gorgeous lady.


It all starts from the first call you make to her before fixing the date. Be polite and courteous on the phone. However, don’t be too friendly. Dubai escorts are serious professionals and don’t want to get into any unwanted personal attachments. While you make the call, state specifically what you want from the escorts. Dubai escorts generally use code words or abbreviations to note their services. If you are not sure of any code word, Google it to know the actual meaning. Ask her about her timings and make sure the date is convenient for her.


Do not be late when you are about to date your Dubai escort. If you are going to be late, inform her over the phone. Dress up nice and clean. Make sure to have a shower before you come to meet her. Your escort takes great effort to make her look the best for a date. She deserves at least the basic cleanliness from you. Nobody loves to spend time with a person who smells like feet.


Start your date with light conversations. Do not just plunge into her the moment she arrives at your doorstep. Give her 10-15 minutes to adjust herself. It would be nice to get a token gift for her. But make sure beforehand her agency approves gifts from clients.

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Date: November 28, 2020